Adwords vs SEO, Which one deliver the best ROI?

The fact is that AdWords and SEO are among the most valuable tools to run Digital Marketing campaigns, being essential to gain prominence on Google. Both have differences and similarities and, depending on their purpose, can be used together or separately.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords allows the advertiser to display paid ads, either on the search engine itself (Google) or on the search engine’s display networks. These networks are what allow paid ads to be displayed on Google partner sites, such as Google Adsense or on Google’s own sites, such as Gmail.

The advertiser can choose to pay when someone clicks on his ad (cost per click or CPC) or, simply, when people see him (CPM or cost per thousand impressions – model most used by portals and websites with a large number of accesses). The entire AdWords system works like a big auction, which determines whether the ad is actually showing and its position on the page.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the work of optimizing websites done to obtain a better ranking on search engine results pages. But, for that, the page needs to be “friendly.”

A user-friendly website can be easily read by search engines and easily used by users. This work is carried out with improvements in the codes of the sites, in the content, and also with an increase in the presence on the internet, which tends to give authority to the site (off-page work). The results are slower compared to Google AdWords, as it is necessary for Google robots to evaluate the site already optimized for it to rise in the search engine ranking, which can take days, weeks, or even months.

So, which is best for my business, AdWords, or SEO?

Short and thick: both! Both Search Marketing strategies complement each other to bring a greater number of users interested in the content, products, and services of your website or online store. However, since there are differences between SEO and AdWords in digital marketing, it is important to consider that, depending on your goals and possibilities (investment, project time, etc.), one of the two strategies may be privileged at some point.

If you want to implement strategies Inbound Marketing – know what it is – to use all search marketing resources is the best way to attract qualified users to generate leads.

If you need faster results, you may want to invest in sponsored AdWords links while preparing an SEO strategy. After all, even if the investment in Google AdWords continues, it is important to maintain the organic positioning. After all, most users access organic results links (about 80% trust organic results more than paid ones) and, after the end of a sponsored link strategy, the site should still be on the first page of Google to that search engine performance does not drop. At the same time, it is important that the sponsored links campaigns continue, because the investment is very low compared to other forms of advertising, whether in traditional media or even online.

The more important to choose between SEO and AdWords mainly is to keep a digital marketing hard work and continuous so that these two strategies are made in the best way. At The Ad Firm, you will find all this and more! See our services and take your questions with us!…