The Nations Largest Inventory of Used USED CNC Machines That Are IN STOCK

The used CNC machines lathes that we represent are highly productive and profitable machines and very competitive within today’s markets. They are intended for the manufacture of parts from small rods to very complex and precise parts. Depending on the type of machine, you can transport up to 3 program tracks at a time, due to its enormous productivity.

We also sell CMC series industrial vacuum cleaners of the Self Filtration brand that are coupled to our machines.

Both machinery and equipment can be consulted on our website: by series, versions, diameter or number of axes, as well as download catalogs and request a request for an offer without obligation.


The purchase of a machine involves the transport, assembly, and commissioning of the same in its facilities, for this we have the necessary means so that your new machine arrives at your company safely and is installed and commissioned by our operators, making the connection and start-up of each of the elements that compose it in the planned time for the planned productive operation.

After this process, training times will be implemented for its operators, which are essential for its use to be safe and effective, giving this support to its staff; greater productivity and important basic knowledge are guaranteed.


  • All our machines are guaranteed by the manufacturers’ brands.
  • The warranty starts from the date of installation of the used CNC Machine at the Client’s premises and will be extended for a period of 2 years.
  • The manufacturer covers defects in the material by replacing them at no cost as well as labor.

Machinery Repair

Protech Machine Tool offers a complete service regarding the repair of both new and used machinery, lathes, and machining centers.

In our facilities, we have a department of spare parts used to carry out repairs, also in the case of not having the necessary spare part, either we manufacture it or ultimately we have specialized suppliers for the manufacture of the same, which guarantees us High functionality.

CAM Manufacturing

In Protech Machine Tool, we carry out a personalized study of cams to later manufacture, mechanize, rectify, and perform the heat treatment of hardness they need.

Productivity Study

A part of the services we provide to the potential buyer or even to our active clients upon request, is the training, consultation, and advice on the productivity of our machines, through a preliminary analysis of approximate times on their parts to be manufactured, or in some cases Production study of special pieces.

After Sales Service

The service is the absolute key and the nature of our day to day with our clients, and our main objective is to give a fast and professional response to your demands.

We serve our customers by offering them direct contact with our expert technicians, capable of dealing with all known mechanical and electrical defects, of successfully solving the problems, although they are often just a mere “assisted intervention service” solved through assistance services telephone.

Technical Service

Our technical service will be responsible for repairs of all types in the new machine if there is one within the warranty period, and also for repairs once that time has elapsed. We move throughout Spain.

We also perform technical service on used machinery.

You can purchase all the necessary spare parts in a short time in our company, and we will supply them quickly.


If you are interested, Protech Machine Tool can offer you an annual preventive maintenance service for your machine, checking its components in its facilities.

Spare Parts

We distribute all the original spare parts and accessories of all the models and brands of the machines that we sell; in short delivery time, you can have them in your company.

As for the sale of used spare parts, we can offer you any spare parts you need for your used machine.

Machinery Occasion

Protech Machine Tool sells and purchases used machinery, on this page you can find updated machines that we have used in good conditions and at affordable prices, be sure to consult us and we will inform you in more detail about your possibilities.…